Matthieu Lalonde

All around geek! I enjoy most things technology, while maintaining a healthy dose of skepticism.

Over the last half decade or so I have focused on Free Libre and Open Source privacy and security technology, writing low-level software in Golang, and desktop applications for the GNOME/GTK3 platform.

I have nearly two decades of experience with Linux and UNIX (over a decade professionally). Over the years I have also been seen doing things such as programming for AVR and STM32 microcontrollers; a whole lot of web development using PHP, Javascript, and many other technologies; dabbling in VoIP using Asterisk and FreeSWITCH; and much, much, more! You can view a selection of my current and past projects on my Gitea.

All this with a side dish of embedded electronics, amateur radio, a whole lot of cycling, and outdoor activities.

I enjoy working in dynamic and friendly environments and believe that life should be enjoyed; I never miss an occasion to learn something new.

If you are interested in contacting me about work offers, collaboration, or simply being friends please see the contact page.